What an encounter in an Agricultural Science class can teach you about branding.

One sunny afternoon in Junior Secondary School (JSS 3 ...I think), the subject was Agricultural Science. The teacher “uncle Ken” usually starts his class by asking questions about previous lessons. On this particular day, he asked my friend Godfrey, “what is used in storing rice?” I whispered “silo” to him…

Random tales from the journey so far, and then some.

Silence can be an answer to prayers.

The year was 2018.

I had just passed out from the national youth service, however, I stayed back at my PPA for a couple of months to do what almost every other corp member does after passing out — decide what next.

At that time, most of my friends seem…

What I learnt about branding in retrospect from a snack seller during my NYSC orientation camp experience.

One of the most interesting branding phenomena I’ve seen was while I was in NYSC camp at Sagamu, Ogun State. I didn’t even know I would be in the branding niche then; it was just me observing and analyzing as usual.

There are these sellers that sells drinks and snacks…

So I completed my registration into the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN), and here’s what I’ve found out.


In all honesty, this started as pure banter. However, I had some sort of satori moment while pondering on a couple of lines I read from a book, which gave me a broader perspective and understanding of how wealth is created and sustained.

There is a point where resilience breaks, and logic gives way to survival. When that happens, people are bound to fight back.

Dear friend

The events of the past days have taken a toll on me, as I’m sure it has on you too. But I woke up this morning with a renewed vigour, a renewed hope, and energy that I didn’t think was possible.

Where to start from?

I usually avoid writing about Nigeria, it…

Opportunities abound, but we usually don’t see them because we are gazing at the ones that are lost already.

Dear Friend,

One of the most pathetic scenes in life is seeing folks talk about glory days and missed opportunities, they always talk about the good old days, and I’m afraid that is the path you are currently headed.

I understand the feeling of missing out on a golden opportunity…

A bad marriage can be hell, so also is a bad business partnership. So how do you ensure a successful business relationship with your partners?

At one of my discussions with some entrepreneurs years back, I remarked how the process of finding a partner for your business is the same as the process of finding a spouse. It was an exciting conversation because most people didn’t see it this way.

A partnership is a relationship…

Dami O. Mogaji

A lot of things by day. A writer by night (and sometimes weekends) A beautiful mind! I write life, business, and all things in between. dami@spurstack.com

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